UCB 401 Class Notes We Got

Here are the real notes our teacher gave my 401 class

Alan's Note:  "Alan seems nice."

Zubi's Note: [YouTube video of that scene in stepbrothers where Rob Riggle tells Dale he just wants to punch him in the face]

Stephen I's Note: "Stephen, you're a talented improviser with strong character work. Focus on setting a base reality early and you'll find your scene work expand even further. it was a pleasure having you in class as an example of bold choices and con--- oh, crap. There's two Stephens. Ah, okay! Um... good job I guess. Really play those second and third moves or whatever."

Drew's Note: "Drew- you are tight as hell, man. Love that galaxy sweatshirt you wore to the last show, where can I cop that, bro? Anyways, keep ur shit legit! Sidebar- u should be meaner to Derek. Can't stand that guy"

Morgan's Note: "Alan seems nice."

Derek's Note: "Good work, Derek. You have such a big energy and commitment to your scenes. But because you spilled a slurpie in class one time I'm gunna hafta ban you from the school and theater for life, try your luck elsewhere because you're not welcome back, ps. everyone who was mean to you in class got an A so that means everyone got an A even you"

Will's Note: "You do you, Big Mac"

Stephen B's Note: "Stephen: You little shit. You know what you did, you cat humping whale killer, I hope you're happy. See you in hell, you ratfaced little turd gobbler. Ground your characters in a point of view and eat a bag of dog testes, fart lord."

Ty's Note: "Couldn't hear ya"

Emily's Note: "Girl, you saw too many shows. Go home! Also, great job being mean to Derek."

Rachel declined to share her notes, but did have questions about them.